Coins & Paper Money Coins US Half Cents
1964 Kennedy Half Dollar D 7-pc Set
1826 Half Cent Damaged [SN01]
1804 Half Cent Draped Bust [SN06]
1828 Half Cent Fine Coin 13 Stars
Lot of Three U. S. Half Cents, Inexpensive Type Coins, Discounted 0201-01
1826 Half Cent [SN02]
Rare coins and paper money valued at $100 million on display in New Orleans
the public can get appraisals of coins and paper money from about 300 dealers. Windsor will be host to the biggest International Children's Games ever, and executive members of the organization said Friday the city is ready to welcome the world.
U.S. senators renew pitch for $1 coin
Republicans John McCain of Arizona, Tom Coburn of Oklahoma, Mike Enzi of Wyoming and Democrats Mark Udall of Colorado and Tom Harkin of Iowa have lent their name to a bill backing what consumer advocates have been arguing for years. Led by former ...
Rare coins and paper money valued at $100 million on display in New Orleans
Other highlights include an 1804 silver dollar valued at more than $3 million and an example of the first coin federally authorized by President George Washington — a 1792 half disme ... as well as paper money and historic tokens produced in or for ...
All-Time Finest U.S. Half Cent Set And Superb German Coins on Display at June 2013 Long Beach Expo
The number one finest set of all time of United States half cents from 1793 to 1857 will be displayed ... gold and silver, rare coins, vintage paper money, rare stamps and other collectibles and estate jewelry. There will be daily drawings to give ...
Infographic – Money: The Cold Hard Facts
U.S. produces 26 million notes a day with a face value of around $907 million. - Federal Reserve notes account for over 90% of U.S. currency ... cents. - Abraham Lincoln was first on a regular coin in 1909. - A coin’s lifespan is thirty years. - Nearly ...
1835 P HALF CENT - VF - SEE PICS! - (N4347)
1835 HALF CENT ANACS VF 25 DETAILS (1824398)
1810 Half Cent Classic Head die rotation [SN01]
1851 Half Cent - Choice AU ++ to Brown-UNC
1787 Massachusetts Half Cent - AU - Ryder 5-A - Rarity 3 - TAKE A LOOK NICE COIN
1833 Half Cent damaged [SN01]
1804 Draped Bust Half Cent Plain 4 No Stems VF
1826 Half Cent VG
1828 Half Cent 13 Stars [SN02]
1855 Half Cent MS-64 NGC (Red/Brown, C-1) - SKU#173320
1835 Half Cent [SN04]
1834 Half Cent AU-55 PCGS - SKU#118332
1803 P HALF CENT - MARK ON FACE - AG - SEE PICS! - (N2410)
1811 Half Cent XF-45 PCGS (Brown, Cohen 2) - SKU#172245
1834 Half Cent [SN02]
1835 HALF CENT ANACS F 15 (1824406)
1851 P HALF CENT - XF - SEE PICS! - (N4515)
1834 P HALF CENT - VF+ - SEE PICS! - (N4513)
1806 P HALF CENT - SMALL DINGS - F - SEE PICS! - (N4511)
PCGS XF-45 1826 Half Cent Tough Date Low 234K Mintage Nice Coin
1811 Half Cent VF-25 PCGS - SKU#171932
1804 Half Cent Crosslet 4 w/Stems AU-55 PCGS - SKU#153858
1833 Half Cent MS-63 NGC CAC (Brown, C-1) - SKU#171933
PCGS Genuine 1797 Liberty Cap Half Cent Pl. Edge Nice
1857 Half Cent MS-63 PCGS (Red/Brown) - SKU#169502
1855 Half Cent MS-62 PCGS (Brown) - SKU#156130
PCGS MS-62 1835 Half Cent Tough Date Last Year Nice Type Coin
50 Cent Coin Silver USA 2002
1809/6 Half Cent 9 Over Inverted 9 AU-53 PCGS (Brown) - SKU#168646
1807 Half Cent VF Worn Dies
1804 Half Cent Crosslet 4 w/Stems AU-58 PCGS - SKU#161140
1804 Half Cent Crosslet 4 w/Stems AU-55 NGC (C-10, Brown) - SKU#166407
1856 Half Cent MS-64 PCGS Brown - SKU#161058
1805 Half Cent VF Medium 5 No Stems
FX HORIZONS: Don’t Be Fooled: Gold Is No Currency
Gold bugs spun that yarn on the notion that paper currencies – especially the dollar — were having their value destroyed by reckless, money-printing central banks. We had reached a long-overdue moment, they told us, in which gold is ...
10 lesser-known U.S. coins
Each are legal tender and have their own face value: Silver Eagles are $1, Gold Eagles are $5, $10, $25 ... stay the same price forever, the coin was retired within a few decades. (For the record, a three-dollar piece would buy six and a ...
This iOS Developer Thinks Amazon Coins Are A Trick That Will Deceive Customers
... Coin lot for $45 (a 10 percent discount. So far Amazon Coins are receiving mixed reviews from Amazon customers, some of whom are echoing Murray's concerns. " Why should I use coins while I can purchase things with real money?" asked user B.
Don’t be fooled: Gold is no currency
NEW YORK (MarketWatch) — Gold is an investment in search of a story — or at least one that’s true more often than not. That’s not to say there aren’t lots of tales told around gold. One that was especially popular when the metal’s ...
Visitors get their two cents' worth — and more — at coin show
New and old treasures of all coin varieties ... because they have lots of goodies under their bed, but they have no idea what they're worth," he said. Vetter also said collectors and traders at the show can find tokens, medals, paper money and bullion ...
Amazon launches ‘Coins’, can be used for apps
The virtual currency has already received a mixed bag of ... exchanging pennies for Coins? They can’t be used to purchase merchandise. They can’t be used to purchase ebooks,” wrote a reviewer. “IMHO Amazon is wasting a lot of time and money ...