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1836 Gobrecht Dollar PR Genuine Plugged- VG Details Original Coin Alignment PCGS
1836 Gobrecht Proof Silver Dollar $1 J-60 Judd 60 - NGC Proof VF Details - JX186
1836 Gobrecht Dollar PCGS PR58 J-60 Proof Restrike
1838 Gobrecht Dollar. NGC graded Proof-64.
1842 Seated Liberty Dollar AG Graffiti
Rare coins, paper money valued at $100 million, including $3M nickel, displayed in New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS — Coin enthusiasts are getting a glimpse of more than $100 million worth of rare money including some of the crown ... selling at auction last month for $3.17 million. The other was frequently carried in the pocket of a former ...
Could the $1 dollar bill jingle instead?
Eliminating the dollar bill in favor of the coin would save $13.8 billion over ... A multi-car accident in the 100 block of US-27 Northbound is backing up traffic Tuesday morning. Early reports suggest at least two cars are involved in the crash.
Infographic – Money: The Cold Hard Facts
It would take 14.5 million notes to make a mile high stack - 1782 saw the introduction of the first dollar coin. - A $100,000 gold certificate ... In God We Trust” did not appear on paper currency until 1963 - The Bureau of Engraving and Printing uses ...
U.S. senators renew pitch for $1 coin
A bipartisan group of five prominent U.S. senators came out in support of an old idea on Tuesday: that America should do away with its paper-based dollar bills in favour of a $1 coin ... that have come with a savings number that far outstretches previous ...
Lawmakers (again) propose replacing $1 bills with coins
Hey America, want to save $13.8 billion over the next 30 years? Get rid of your dollars. The greenbacks, that is. Let's use dollar coins instead. That's the message from a consumer advocacy group and former presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, who has ...
1870 Seated Liberty Silver Dollar Holed
Stack’s Bowers To Hold New York Americana Auction of U.S. coins, tokens, medals, and other Americana Jan 22-24, 2013
Stack’s Bowers Galleries, preeminent auctioneer of rare coins and paper money ... 1794 silver dollar, graded Specimen-66 by PCGS and affirmed by CAC. As perhaps the first silver dollar struck, it will be one of the most important United States coins ...
1881 $5 Gold Half Eagle Is Not Exceptional
Question: I have a $5 gold coin. It has 13 stars ... the quarters are $1 each; half dollars are $2 each; Mercury dimes 35 cents each; Liberty nickels, 10 cents each; Buffalo nickels, face value. Q: I have an 1895 United States $10 gold piece on which ...
Classic Head Quarter Eagle, 1834-1839
Few gold coins of any denomination circulated, and those that did traded at more than face value because of the gold content; gold coins were preferred over paper money. Half eagles ... Surrounding the eagle is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA inside the dentilled ...