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1839 Proof Gobrecht Dollar, J-104, Restrike, graded PR 62 by PCGS!
1839 Gobrecht $1 NGC PR 64 (Judd-104, Original, Medal Alignment)
1839 Gobrecht Dollar $ J-105 Res PR65 Secure Plus PCGS
1836 Gobrecht Proof Silver Dollar $1 J-60 Judd 60 - NGC Proof VF Details - JX186
1838 Gobrecht Dollar. PCGS graded Proof-62. PCGS TrueView images included.
Rare coins, paper money valued at $100 million, including $3M nickel, displayed in New Orleans
NEW ORLEANS — Coin enthusiasts are getting a glimpse of more than $100 million worth of rare money including some of the crown ... selling at auction last month for $3.17 million. The other was frequently carried in the pocket of a former ...
Could the $1 dollar bill jingle instead?
Eliminating the dollar bill in favor of the coin would save $13.8 billion over ... A multi-car accident in the 100 block of US-27 Northbound is backing up traffic Tuesday morning. Early reports suggest at least two cars are involved in the crash.
Infographic – Money: The Cold Hard Facts
It would take 14.5 million notes to make a mile high stack - 1782 saw the introduction of the first dollar coin. - A $100,000 gold certificate ... In God We Trust” did not appear on paper currency until 1963 - The Bureau of Engraving and Printing uses ...
U.S. senators renew pitch for $1 coin
A bipartisan group of five prominent U.S. senators came out in support of an old idea on Tuesday: that America should do away with its paper-based dollar bills in favour of a $1 coin ... that have come with a savings number that far outstretches previous ...
Lawmakers (again) propose replacing $1 bills with coins
Hey America, want to save $13.8 billion over the next 30 years? Get rid of your dollars. The greenbacks, that is. Let's use dollar coins instead. That's the message from a consumer advocacy group and former presidential candidate, Sen. John McCain, who has ...
1836 Silver Gobrecht Dollar $ J-60 Die Alignment IV #938012-3 PF62 NGC
1838 Gobrecht Dollar $ J-84 Restrike PR65 Secure Plus PCGS
1836 Original PCGS PR55 GOBRECHT Silver Dollar Original Coin Alignment - I-14728
1839 Gobrecht Dollar $ J-108 Res PR64 Secure Plus PCGS
1838 Gobrecht Dollar. NGC graded Proof-64.
1836 Gobrecht Silver Dollar. Nice HIGH AU/Lower UNCIRCULATED. beautiful coin wow
Stack’s Bowers To Hold New York Americana Auction of U.S. coins, tokens, medals, and other Americana Jan 22-24, 2013
Stack’s Bowers Galleries, preeminent auctioneer of rare coins and paper money ... 1794 silver dollar, graded Specimen-66 by PCGS and affirmed by CAC. As perhaps the first silver dollar struck, it will be one of the most important United States coins ...
1881 $5 Gold Half Eagle Is Not Exceptional
Question: I have a $5 gold coin. It has 13 stars ... the quarters are $1 each; half dollars are $2 each; Mercury dimes 35 cents each; Liberty nickels, 10 cents each; Buffalo nickels, face value. Q: I have an 1895 United States $10 gold piece on which ...
Classic Head Quarter Eagle, 1834-1839
Few gold coins of any denomination circulated, and those that did traded at more than face value because of the gold content; gold coins were preferred over paper money. Half eagles ... Surrounding the eagle is UNITED STATES OF AMERICA inside the dentilled ...